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Click-In chicken loop technology meets intuitive, auto-swivel, line untwisting in this all-new state of the art control bar. The Sentry bar has been thoroughly tested and is proudly ISO compliant.

Includes: Sentry V1 Bar, Sentry Bar Bag, Short Freeride Leash & Sentry Bar Quick Start Guide


  • 17" Bar x 20 meter lines 
  • 20" Bar x 20 meter lines (+3 meter line extensions)  
  • 23" Bar x 27 meter lines


Slingshot is proud to introduce the pinnacle of kiteboarding control systems; the Sentry V1. They have combined comfort, performance, and dependability into one elegant design that gives riders a cleaner, easier, and higher performing on water-experience. By collaborating with their riders and listening to customers, Slingshot's designers dissected their past control bar technology and developed one of the most comprehensive and intuitive systems on the market.


Why You'll Love the Sentry V1

  • Slingshot's proven Click-in Loop is quicker, safer and easier to reload than other systems
  • New Softer EVA grip is soft and plush allowing you to spend more time on the water with less fatigue
  • You asked for it! New PU coated center lines allow for smooth & effortless bar travel with added durability
  • The combination of the Auto Swiveling Center Hole and Ceramic Ball Bearing Swivel results in perfectly untwisted lines all the time
  • State of the art design provides clean field of view, free of gimmicks


Key Features of the Sentry V1 Control Bar

  • Comfort Grip Bar Diameter:
    Slightly thicker bar diameter is easier to hold and grip, especially in colder climates. Ultra-Soft EVA Grip provides you with session long comfort no matter how long you are on the water.
  • EVA Over-Molded Bar Ends:
    Soft on you and your gear. These new bar ends prevent damage to your body and your stuff.
  • Precision Engineered Bar Floats:
    Sleek and buoyant ensures your bar floats and provides a clean field of vision.
  • Click-In Chicken Loop:
    Release and reload faster and with zero hassle. Simply click in and GO!
  • Auto Swivel Center Hole:
    Simply pull in on your bar to untwist your lines. Double PU Coated CL rope runs through our Dual Chambered Center hole and straightens your center lines.
  • Durable PU Coated Center Lines:
    Slingshot's PU coated Chicken Loop rope and flagging line provides smooth bar travel with minimal effort from the rider. This also will guarantee full wear protection of these two lines for a longer lifespan.
  • Sentry Bar Bag:
    Convenient carry bag to protect and organize the Sentry Bar and parts. Mesh section allows the bar to dry whilst in storage.
  • Simple Cleat Depower:
    Simplicity at its finest, the cleated above the bar de-power system is smooth, easy, and dependable.
  • Hidden Line Keepers:
    Bungee line keepers are hidden in the float to prevent damage to bungees as well as tangles. Use them when you need them, forget about them when you don't.
  • ISO Compliant:
    ISO Compliance not only provides the kite industry with a new testing technology to ensure their equipment conforms to the state-of-the-art safety requirements of ISO, it also enables consumers to choose products that fulfill the standard and thereby helping them to stay safe.


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