What you need to know:

Crandon park in Key Biscayne is a kitesurfing paradise, only 2 miles away from Miami Downtown. Warm temperature year-round and shallow water lagoon makes it one of the best spot in the country.

Strict regulations are imposed by Miami Dade County, Crandon park Rangers, and Lifeguards authorities, in accordance with the Crandon Park Master Plan, Ocean Rescue and IKO Safety guidelines;

Miami kiteboarding being the kitesurfing vendor in the park, we are mandated by Miami Dade County to enforce the Kiteboarding regulations on the spot. Consequently, understand that we are not MAKING the rules,

  • Kiteboarding is only allowed DURING hours of operation of Miami kiteboarding AND the Lifeguards ! Make sure you check the seasonal hours. 
  • No Kiteboarding on WEEKENDS During SUMMER May 31st to Sept 4th. AND on the following peak affluence days: Mother's Day - Easter Weekend - Labor Day - Memorial Weekend 
  • Kiteboarders must register & Check-in with MKB before using the facility.  Day passes are available Monday through Friday for $40/day.  An annual pass is required to ride on weekends and holidays. 


Please adhere strictly to the rules to ensure safety of beach goers and help us keeping the spot open, as we have been doing the last 23 years. 

SILVER MEMBER (2 years) - $300

GOLD MEMBER (3-4 years) - $275

PLATINUM MEMBER (5+ years) - $250

Annual kiteboarding Passes at Crandon are designed to reward our loyal members with a degressive fee system. 

Passes fees decrease based on the number of years it is renewed.

  • NEW MEMBER - $350
  • SILVER MEMBER (2 years) - $300
  • GOLD MEMBER (3-4 years) - $275
  • PLATINUM MEMBER (5+ years) - $250

In order to reach the next level, passes must be renewed every year without interruption and riders must comply with all rules & regulations.

What's included?

  • Rider's Rashguard 
  • Streamer ID 
  • Access to Crandon Park Kiteboarding (during business Hours )
  • Beach Marshall and safety patrol on duty 
  • Real-time Wind & Live webcam 
  • 10% OFF on all MKB products and Services
  • Beach Club Access
Live Streaming